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PSES 2010 Presentations

The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society is pleased to bring you the 7th Annual Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering.This year, our program builds on our previous successes, expanding our coverage of key areas.

Keynote: "Check, Double Check, and Don't Forget the Obvious"
Dean Woodard
Director, Defect Investigations,
Office of Compliance
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Bio: Dean W. Woodard is the Director of the Defect Investigations Division of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. He has led this division for the past two years. His previous governmental experience was leading the Aerospace Industries Division of the U.S. Department of Commerce for five years. Prior to his experience in government Mr. Woodard served as Chief Engineer for Hexcel Corporation's Graham, Texas plant and also later served as a plant manager for Baxter Travenol's cardiovascular division, Vanguard Plastics, and DRG Medical Packaging.  Dean was project director and opened Coca-Cola's first bottling plant in Russia. Mr.Woodard holds Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Oklahoma and is ABD from North Texas. He has traveled Kazakhstan extensively by horseback.

Featured Talk: "Automobile Sudden Acceleration: Controlling the Safety Risks caused by EMI"
Keith Armstrong, Cherry Clough Consultants

Abstract: Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) has been a problem for all automakers ever since the early 1980s, but automakers and the US Government's National Highway Transportation Agency (NHTSA) have always blamed it on driver "pedal error".  This presentation compares the claims for electronic safety made by both NHTSA and automakers with what we as designers and assessors of safety-related systems would consider necessary whenever electronic malfunctions, software glitches or EMI could increase functional safety risks.  It will include the reasons why we cannot rely upon motor vehicle event data recordings (so-called 'black boxes'), why EMC testing cannot prove safe design, and include recent test data showing that EMI can cause a car engine to race, without triggering any fault codes.

Engineers, Technologists and Technicians working in the Product Safety field will find expert content in all our sessions within the following tracks:

Product Liability
Track Chair: David Utt

Track Chair: Daren Slee

PS 102 Demonstrations
Track Chair: Rich Nute

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